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    Become the Dancer You've Always Wanted To Be

    We help you go from 2 left feet and no rhythm to
    enjoying the moment and dancing the night away!


    We Make Learning Fun, Quick & Easy®!

    Did you know dancing in public is a huge fear for many people? It's right up there with public speaking and the dentist. If that's you, you're not alone.

    But learning to dance doesn't have to be scary!

    Wouldn't it be nice to hear a song you like and have the confidence to get up and dance with the one you love the most?

    It's not a pipe dream - it's real.

    And we can show you.

    Couple Dancing in City

    Single? Couple? Wedding?



    Has this ever happened to you?

    Closeup portrait, worried young man showing x sign to stop talking, cut it out, dont go there, isolated white background. Negative emotion facial expression feelings, signs symbols, body language

    A great song comes on, but you have no idea what to do...

    It can be really frustrating to want to get up and move, but have absolutely no clue how to even start

    Someone asks you to dance, but you make up a reason not to...

    Or WORSE, you get up and try...but feel like your brain and feet just don't connect.

    Your friends and family laugh when you casually mention trying dancing...

    "YOU can't dance!" "You don't have any rhythm!" - they can be so mean... back to watching people dance on the internet...

    You've tried to learn, but just can't figure it out...

    It makes you want to just throw in the towel.


    It's not your fault! You just never had the right system.

    We NEVER want that to happen to you again!

    With 110 years of experience and our fool-proof system, you can't go wrong learning to dance at Arthur Murray's!

    Our students:

    • Gain Confidence
    • Enjoy "Secret" Exercise 
    • Deepen their Relationships
    • Look & Feel Younger
    • Feel Happier & More Joyful
    • Make non-work, non-parent related friends
    • Find Life More Fun
    Mature couple dancing in the park Couple Dancing In Kitchen
    Couples Dancing Outside Couples Dancing by a Dock
    Couple Dancing at Home - Turn 2 People Dancing Back to Back

    It's as EASY as 1-2-3

    Step 1: Consultation Lesson

    Get clear on your goals, natural ability, and areas you would like to focus on.

    Step 2: Design Program

    With your team of instructors and Dance Counselor, design your perfect dance program fitting your unique desires and needs.

    Step 3: Enroll

    Enroll on your dream of becoming a dancer, and never look back! Time & Practice lead to confidence!

    The Arthur Murray Legacy

    From Footprints to TV Personality & Teaching the Stars

    Arthur Murray is a century-old company that began with the innovative thinking and business savvy of our founder.

    He published pamphlets, mail-order footprints, and hosted The Arthur Murray Dance Party with his wife Kathryn for a decade, bringing dancing into living rooms across America.

    Arthur Murray & his studios were known as the teacher of many celebrities, including the Vanderbilts, Bing Crosby and Katherine Hepburn.

    Footprints & Arthur

    On a personal note...Jonathan and Kathleen Seals, the franchisees and owners of the Northwest Arkansas location, met each other at an Arthur Murray Dance Center.

    Would you believe it? Kathleen's father even took lessons at Arthur Murray in the 1950s and danced the Paso Doble on TV at the Palladium in Hollywood at a Medal Ball ceremony when Arthur used to televise the event. The Arthur Murray history is in our blood!

    Today, we are proud to carry on his legacy by bringing dancing to you in the simple, fun, proven system that he developed - guaranteeing if you can walk, we can teach you to dance.

    But don't just take our word for it...

    See what people like you are saying about us

    "Now, my husband actually asks me to dance"

    "I absolutely love to dance and have always struggled to coax my hubby on the dance floor. I was so pleased that we immediately built rapport and laughed during our first lesson.

    I was pleasantly surprised with my husband's immediate growth in confidence.

    Now, my husband actually asks me to dance and it makes me feel like I am living in my very own fairy tale."

    "[They] remove the insecurity & fear from any newcomer"

    "Both Kathleen & Jonathan have a unique ability to break down a dance step and remove the insecurity & fear from any newcomer. They are gentle & encouraging & make it fun

    I would highly recommend both of them to become your dance family. You won't regret it. Good for your health & all-around well-being!"

    "I highly recommend!"

    "In life there are unique experiences which allow us to share joy, triumph, accomplishment, artistry, freedom of expression, love and happiness!

    Arthur Murray franchised dance studios are one such life experience that I highly recommend!"

    Don't Wait!

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    We know

    You might be thinking...

    How do we know? We've met thousands of people who thought so before, see what they discovered and told us

    👴I'm too old to dance...👵
    😬I don't know how to dance😳
    😲I don't want to do those crazy moves they do on Dancing With the Stars🤕
    😖I have a bad back/knee(s)/other body part ♿
    🕺I don't have a partner💃
    🙅‍♂️My partner won't do it🚷
    A note from your neighbors

    Put a little fun in your life, try dancing®!

    From the owners, Jonathan & Kathleen Seals


    We are Jonathan and Kathleen Seals - real people - and fellow Northwest Arkansas residents.

    You may have seen us around with our son, William, who has become somewhat of a celebrity over at the Amazeum. If you see him in his costumes - Batman, Spiderman, Superman or Captain America - be sure to say hi. He loves it!

    Since COVID, we know things have been tough for everyone, and just want to share our support and love for you and this community.

    After years of sharing our love of dancing with people, we thought we had hung up our dance shoes for good and moved on... but have since realized everything we would be keeping from NWA. 

    We hope everyone believes in what they do as much as we do, so we hope you understand how passionate we are about changing lives through dancing.

    Even if it was just for the...

    • Community & Fellowship
    • Fun (indoor) Adult Activities
    • Art & Culture

    we'd be remiss to keep those from this area...but we've seen thousands of lives completely transformed through the magic of social dancing at Arthur Murray Dance Centers (we're even writing a book about it!) and can't wait for you to be the next heartwarming story!

    Can't wait to see you virtually or in our lovely new dance center,

    (Click below to start today!)

    ~ Jonathan & Kathleen Seals
    Arthur Murray NWA Franchise Owners

    Jonathan & Kathleen Seals